Hi, I'm Danny (he/him).
I write prose, docs, and code.

I just finished graduate school at UMass Boston, where I did an MFA in fiction. Originally from St. Louis, I now live just outside Boston with my fiancée and a little grey cat named George.

Professionally, I am a production editor, recovering technical writer, and a former bike shop guy, which was easily the most fun part-time job I've ever had. Unprofessionally, I run The Work and Response, a literary and arts project/publisher.

You can find some of my work over at S/Word, Taper, Levee Magazine, and Sinking City. I also blog erratically and am occasionally on Twitter and Instagram.

So far as other work is concerned, I made a poetry Chrome extension called VerseFinder that you can download on the Chrome Web Store, and here's a link for my computational literature projects.


I am not accepting new contract work at this time, but am still happy to respond to inquiries by email.